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The Fleet interactive portal makes staying on top of fleet management easier than ever. It gives you access to your information 24/7 and you can make vehicle enquiries, view information on traffic fines, financial information and more. The dashboard gives you access to a fleet overview and you can monitor reports and log queries too. To top it all off its 100% free for Avis fleet customers.





 Fleet Interactive gives you easy access to our solutions

    • Traffic Fine Management: allows you to find out who the driver was at the time of an infringement and it  directs the fine to the responsible driver.


    • Open Road Tolling: takes care of all of the administration involved with tolling including eTags and payments. You can also view any transaction at any time.


    • Finance: gives you access to all of your invoices at the touch of a button, whenever you need them.


  • Reporting: one of the many built-in self-service features. It allows you to conveniently choose from many kinds of reports without you having to request them from another person

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